Audrey St. Clair was born the youngest child of a musical family.  The older kids grew up performing music regularly. Audrey’s desire to be involved in the musical world around her was always met by the summation that she was simply “too young”.  Being left at home, she found an outlet to her passion while sitting and writing songs at the piano, which she had learned to play by ear.  Her initial encouragement came from her high school music teacher who had requested that all choir members perform a chosen song to audition for an ensemble. It was there where Audrey recorded her first public performance of “Desperado” by the Eagles.  Impressed by her passionate vocals, her recording was used as an example for the other students. One of her favorite recording artists was Barbra Streisand.  Audrey related to Barbra’s experience, where her vocal instructor never made her road easy, yet she rose above hardship and pursued her passions, later to become one of the most successful entertainers of her time. Some of Audrey’s other inspirational vocalist include artist such as Sade, Sarah McLachlan, Sara Bareilles & Karen Carpenter, to name a few. 

Audrey became involved in performing at the age of 18 where she began touring throughout California, Arizona, and Canada with a band named “Catalyst” after graduating with a degree in Cosmetology.  Inspired by the sounds of R&B,  Classic Rock, & Gospel, she has performed these musical favorites for many years. Audrey has recently released her first smooth jazz CD “All I Need is You” produced by guitar virtuoso Antonios PapaMichael, mentored by the great Joe Pass.  Graced with the musical talents of Atlanta's finest national musicians such as William Green, Joe Reda, Chuckie Bithorn, Melvin Baldwin , Shan O Rourke, Tyrell Edwards, & Sam Skelton. 

Audrey has also found a unique venue for merging both her talents of Music & Cosmetology artistry into “on location”  services  called “Studio One” located in Cumming, Georgia.  Its specialty provides services desired for Bridal Events, Fashion shows and Private Events.

She is currently performing with The American Flyers, an Atlanta based show band, featured with Ian Bruh on vocals. I also enjoy performing in a duo as D&A (David & Audrey) for local venues and private events.